Move Mountains Design Co is your one stop shop. With a team of experts to brand your business, we can do it all and we do it well.

We do:

  • Graphic Design
  • Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Digital Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing

How We Work

  • 1. We Talk

    During our consultation we will discuss your business’ needs and goals. If we are a good fit, you will recieve a custom proposal to brand your business. Next we’ll roll up our sleeves and get into the brand discovery process where we explore your ‘why’, your values and your audience. Request a consultation.

  • 2. We Plan

    Now we have clarity, we work on strategy; we speak your message to your ideal audience. From there, we make it easy for them to say yes to buying your product or service. This is conveyed consistently through your brand voice and visuals. A strong brand = more dream client sales for you!

  • 3. We Create

    Here, the groundwork pays off and we bring your brand to life. Our team comprises of experts in each field from illustration and design to copywriting and web development. We work together to create your brand identity, business stationery, custom website and marketing plan.


Every client’s need is different, so we can also create a custom package. Take a peek at what we offer and book a consultation to apply to work with us.

We’ve done our research – our prices are competitive and fair.

It’s important for us to be able to support small business so we created ‘The Starter One’ to acommodate this! Spots are limited.

The Clarity One

Best for small businesses & startups. We will look at your business’ vision, values, audience and market to help you get on track towards your goals. You will gain clarity around your brand message and articulating what you do will never feel so easy!

What You Get

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Refinement
  • One:one meetings/calls with me x 2

The Starter One

Best for solopreneurs & startups. Incredible value for young businesses who want a professional, consistent presence on a budget.

Limited spots available

What You Get

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Refinement
  • One:one meetings/calls with me x 2
  • Basic logo & brand board (one round of amends included)

The Branding One

Best for small businesses ready to uplevel. All about brand, we define your values & audience, clarify your message, build an effective brand... make more sales!

What You Get

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Refinement & Strategy
  • One:One Copywriting Expertise
  • Custom Logo (2-3 concepts + 2 rounds amends)
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Book

Brand Discovery

We take time to explore your core values. We delve into your roots, your ‘why’, your vision… your WOW factor! We find out what that feeling is that you want your clients to experience. During this process you will gain a lot of clarity around your brand and message.

Brand Refinement & Strategy

From the Brand Discovery, we will refine your ‘Why’ and your USP. We will look at your brand positioning and develop a strategy for you to communicate effectively to your audience.

Copywriting & Messaging

You’ll get to work one:one with a copywriter to refine your naming across all social platforms and define your message in your brand voice. Your messaging is key to driving sales!

Visual Design & Custom Logo

We develop 2-3 brand concepts for you to choose from. Once you have picked your fav, this concept is developed. You’ll get a logo, sub logos, tagline, colour palette, fonts, brand elements, image library and more. All artwork is drawn from scratch and we offer hand drawn typography too. This ensures that your logo is truly unique to your business.

Brand Book

You get your own digital book that sums up your business. This is your bible which guides you through every aspect of your brand including your values, voice and visual identity. It can also be a great tool for handing over to a VA or social media manager so that they too can apply your branding consistently and accurately to anything.

+ Add a website to this package from $3k+

The Big One

Best for small-med businesses who want to uplevel & drive traffic to a kickass website! You get everything that’s in The Branding One, yet with a more established business it will be more in depth. Plus social media marketing coaching & strategy plan and a fully customised Wordpress website. Price varies depending on website requirements.

What You Get

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Refinement & Strategy
  • One:One Copywriting Expertise
  • Custom Logo (2-3 concepts + 2 rounds amends)
  • Visual Identity
  • Business Stationery
  • Social Media Banners
  • Brand Book
  • Marketing Coaching & Strategy Plan
  • Fully Customized WordPress Website
  • 12 months Website Maintenance

Marketing Coaching & Strategy Plan

Depending on your specific needs, we can focus on:

  1. Growth and content strategies for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  2. Paid advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  3. Email marketing (automation, list building strategies, list nurturing techniques)
  4. Online strategies for increasing e-commerce sales

Customised WordPress Website

Having a branded, user-friendly website that clearly communicates what you offer is key in today’s day and age. People typically only spend seconds scrolling through, so it’s important to swiftly impress your audience, convey your key messaging and lead them to a call-to-action.

Please note that e-commerce or complex websites can be created for a small additional cost. Contact us to chat about your website requirements.

Add ons:

Need a little extra to take your marketing the extra mile? Take a peek at what we offer and book a consultation to apply to work with us.

Brand Consulting

One:one consulting for expert advice around your brand and where best to focus your energy to reach your goals..

Hourly Design

Smaller jobs can be charged by the hour. We can vectorize logos, create social media banners, design brochures, lay out a book and much more!

+ Business Stationery Design

Business card, letter & envelope design.

+ Packaging Design

Got a product you need packaged? We can design your packaging to make your product stand out, ensuring it’s on brand.

+ Label Design

Price is per label. Includes market research to ensure your product stands out on the shelf.

+ Copywriting

Struggle to articulate your brilliance? Have your own personal writer to write brilliant words for your website in your brand voice. We can edit your words or write for you.

+ Print Management

Don’t have time to call around 74 print shops, only to find you don’t know what you’re looking for? We can find the best quality printers for you and ensure your printed material looks top notch.

+ Social Media Strategy

Grow your audience on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook with growth strategies and ads.

+ Brand Maintenance

We offer updates to your brand as you evolve and website maintenance.

+ Photography / Videography

We require our clients to be willing to provide professional photography, whether it’s one of our photographers, sourced by the client or stock imagery.